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Collarts (Australian College of the Arts Pty Ltd) is a dynamic independent tertiary education college full of passion, individuality and opportunity. Focused on creating real career pathways into the creative sector for students, Collarts delivers industry-based learning coupled with strong personal and professional development.

Throughout our 30-year history as an education provider, Collarts (formerly AusMusic) has gained a reputation for delivering high quality, tertiary education, with a distinct ability to always be at the forefront of contemporary culture. Our commitment to industry connection, agility, and cultural relevance makes it a popular choice for students wanting the best start to a real career in the creative industry.

Next-Gen Design at Collarts

Meet the emerging design thinkers entering the industry with
real-world training from Collarts.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is the need for constant adaptability – a quality which will stand future design leaders in good stead.

Case in point, Collarts student Alecia Mostert, whose design of the 2020 Front Centre pavilion forms a key element of the DENFAIR 2.0 virtual experience.

After moving to Australia from South Africa as a recent architecture graduate, Alecia struggled to secure a job without a local network in her chosen field. She decided to enrol in Interior Design at Collarts with the intention of building meaningful industry connections. In Alecia’s words:

“Within my first year of studying, I’ve found an industry-related job and been afforded the amazing opportunity of having my work represented at DENFAIR 2.0. With DENFAIR and my own studies running completely online in 2020, this virtual iteration has made way for an exploration into 3D technology and digital design.”

As one student, Jacinta Ashby, tells, “Not only was I given the opportunity to pitch an idea to the Collarts Head of Marketing for my re-design of the Cromwell Street Campus, but I was able to instigate something which Collarts hadn’t done before; designing the Collingwood Peel Street Festival’s green rooms.”

In a time where seamless online learning is crucial, Collarts has made a successful pivot into engaging more students than ever through a high volume of virtual classes, where the school’s core teachings of collaboration, creativity and civic-minded design continue to thrive.

“Thanks to DENFAIR and Collarts, I’ll be able to see my work online, which means more people will connect with my work in ways never before possible,” says Alecia. “I really feel supported as an emerging interior designer and creative.”

Alecia’s digital Front Centre pavilion is available to view click here

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